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construction photography video, Inspire Group

construction photography video, Inspire Group

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construction photography video, Inspire Group


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 4k RAW Video

Inspire Group provides Commercial Photography Video services.  We operate specialist camera ie technical cameras with movements and large digital backs which create the sharpest highest resolution files currently available anywhere in the world , our Hasselblad and Cambo cameras utilise a 100-megapixel back, this system produces a huge pin-sharp 277 mb file. This equipment is primarily used in architecture especially where perfection is a prerequisite and converging verticals are an issue it’s also essential in food photography as the pane of focus can be altered. This camera system enables the sharpest high-end enlargements offering images with the ultimate in detail.  The Inspire Group is a multi-faceted business providing a complete Photography and Filming and aerial/drone solution to the discerning business offering a nationwide service and also undertaking assignments abroad.