Aerial and Drone Photography and Video

DRONE FILMING and PHOTOGRAPHY with John Daly and his team have many years experience, certified and licensed with the IAA. offering a truly professional high standard , efficient nationwide service in Ireland.

John caters for TV clients and commercial clients where quality experience and standards matter and deadlines are immediate . He started his career as an  aerial photographer then expanded into video and in 2013  discovered drones. What separates him from competitors is his dedication to the craft of photography and filmmaking and that twenty five years of experience also helps . John now operates large octocoptors when required as he is licensed to fly large drones up to 25 kg but in most cases regular drones suffice.   John’s passionate about creating stunning imagery and avails of new technology as its available,  currently utilising the largest available image sensor on the market, the Hasselblad 100C large format camera which offers a 100 megapixel (287mb file  ), ooh did I mention the super large sensor on this camera producing 4k RAW video which is purely cinematic. Regarding sensor size , SIZE really matters the larger the size means the sharper the image and just better colour production, this means you an magnify the finished image to analyse detail and the camera also produces better results during bad lighting conditions like at night and dusk.  If size didn’t matter photographers would just use phone cameras. This camera can be used on the ground from an aircraft or  even from our very large cotocoper drone.Check out our video showcase Be it a promotional video, cinematic film or real estate photography, we can capture it with finesse. We provide the very best in Irish professional aerial drone filming and photography services catering mainly for the building and construction industry. We also offer related services which compliment our high-end drone photography i.e.


modern video walk-throughs ( even better than seen on TV)




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We are first and foremost image and filmmakers but we just use a selection of drones to help us create beautiful imagery after all its only a tool, just like a paintbrush. Its what you see and what you create that makes the difference.   Inpirefromabove is the aerial  division of the Inspire Group where John Daly is the registered pilot registered with the IAA and insured .

Drone photographer, Drone Photographer
Drone photographer, Drone Photographer