Time Lapse Construction Photography Ireland

 Our timelapse systems include

Live encrypted video viewing online  (via smartphone or computer ) 

Instant Access to Time-lapse images

High resolution images with video up to 4K

Wide angle of view in fact we have units with an extreme angle of view up to 220 degrees

120 or 240v plus we also have battery powered and solar powered units

Units are contained in a waterproof housing, suitable for outdoor weather conditions

We offer a nationwide service

Offering TIME-LAPSE VIDEO for building contractors, the duration can span anything from hours to years. With our time-lapse construction packages, they offer very high-resolution videos up to 4K plus high resolution still images. Online live (encrypted ) video viewing, especially for sensitive sites and comply with GDPR . High resolution mages can be downloaded from the comfort of your office and can be viewed and printed just seconds after they were taken, with possibilities of   Images and videos are password protected but can  be viewed by relevant staff from anywhere (using wifi or 4g connection, on computer,  mobile phone or tablet.

The timelapse cameras create a security aspect and Time – lapse movies are created and supplied at monthly intervals during the building process with a final promo show on completion. Timelapse videos are created without the need of visits all done from our studio.





We use normal 35mm professional cameras  BUT we also operate specialist cameras ie technical cameras with movements and large digital backs. These camera systems  are a prerequisite for high end architectural work where the highest standards are required. This system creates the sharpest highest resolution files currently available anywhere in the world ( our Hasselblad and Cambo cameras utilise a 100-megapixel back, this system produces a huge pin-sharp 277 mb file. This equipment is primarily used in architecture  both indoors and out eliminating converging verticals,  where perfection is required  the huge file sizes allow close-up analysis large pin-sharp billboard enlargement and in fact unrivalled raw 4k video from one of the largest sensors available.


Inspire group is also IAA licenced and insured for small and large drones,  plus we operate one of the most modern smoothest VIDEO WALK-THROUGH systems available.  Basically, the Inspire Group is a multi-faceted business providing a complete Photography and Filming solution to the discerning business offering a nationwide service and are quite happy to undertake assignments abroad.