Food Photography Ireland

John Daly of Inspire Group provides commercial photography and video production services for the hospitality industry. John is passionate about his work. He enjoys working alongside his clients and takes pride in exceeding their expectations. His extensive knowledge of lighting and camera angles have been gained through years of dedicated experience and love for the craft and has given him the ability to make food look attractive and mouthwatering.

Inspire Group is based at Inspire Studios, a converted church, 2 miles from Cork Airport. It boasts a high-tech photo and video studio, with full cooking facilities. There is ample parking as well as office and meeting space. When required John has a portable studio solution for shooting on location. John’s work has both a technical and natural style creating impressive images. John is a team player and is pleased when chefs and managers get involved in the imaging process. He uses a specialist technical camera which is used by only a handful of photographers in Ireland. His camera boasts Hasselblad C100 camera back which is the latest offering in technology that produces the worlds sharpest, highest resolution images. This technical camera incorporates a large digital back including tilt and shift movements and produces a huge pin-sharp 289 mb image file and 4K RAW video. The camera system creates an instant large screen image and can be viewed remotely.

This equipment is primarily used for high-end food photography and is also a prerequisite for buildings especially interiors ( especially hotels). The Inspire Group is a multifaceted business providing complete photography and filming solutions.

John has worked on assignments nationwide and has undertaken commissions in the UK, Dubai and Australia.

If you demand a high-quality food photography service in Ireland or even abroad, please contact us.

Contact John Daly for any further information on 087 256 0149