Hotel and Restaurant  Photography 

Hotel and Restaurant  Photography 

Offering a nationwide service

John Daly of the Inspire Group is leading the way as a offering high quality images to the Hotel and Restaurant  industry

catering for the discerning customer.

Our studio is a 18th century converted church just two km from Cork airport its large with all the mod-cons including cooking and kitchen facilities . The photography and video studio can facilitate large photoshoots and the spacious kitchen has been designed to accommodate food photography. The studio can accommodate food styling as well as provide a unique backdrop for sets.

His use of high tech lighting and digital camera  system enables clients to view and give feedback on images during the photoshoot and images can also be instantly viewed anywhere without having to physically be at the shoot.

John is passionate about photography and film making and his images can make even the mundane look amazing.  As a food  or architectural photographer his energy and attention to detail is astounding, he  yet he works quickly creating unique food images.

A  photographer with a difference.


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